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Full System Scan Didn't Scan at Scheduled Time

Today the Full System Scan did not do a scan. I have it scheduled to do do a full system scan at 8AM weekly every Saturday. I did it manually, and it worked fine. Any ideas why it didn't come on at scheduled time. I checked settings and they were ok. I would like to know if Only at Idle Time should be checked as this is unchecked, and at one time it might have have been checked. I never use my computer when a Full System Scan is scheduled.

Last week I had another problem---my computer shut down on its own during the Full System Scam. I believe this happened another time during the Full System \Scan. I searched for this problem in the Norton search and evidently someone else had this problem not long ago.

Windows Vista



Re: Full System Scan Didn't Scan at Scheduled Time

Hi, Holly. Yes I would tick, only at idle time.

It's possible that the computer was performing other tasks, and why the scan didn't run.

Try that setting, and let us know if the scan runs as scheduled.

If the problem persists you could try using the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool to freshen up your installation. http://www.norton.com/nrnr

If used, please read the before you begin note, and run Live Update after until no more are found, and then reboot.

Windows 10 Home X 64

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