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Full system scan & tasks

Hi All

First time running a scan and cleaning up with tasks since downloading Norton Security 2.0

Windows 7 Prof 32 bit

NS v 22. xx

I've come from N360 where a full system scan did Live Updates, a Full System Scan and then the tasks to clean up. This doesn't happen with NS? Now it's 2 separate actions I have to undertake? Any way I can combine the 2 separate actions?

And which should come first, Full System Scan then the Live Updates, task cleaning OR Live Updates, task cleaning then the Full System Scan?

Thanks for the help



Kudos1 Stats

Re: Full system scan & tasks

LiveUpdates should always be done first so you are scanning with the latest definitions and scanning modules.

If you are manually running the scans, you cannot combine them. You have to run them one after the other. If you just allow the scans and tasks to run automatically in the background, it will not matter what order things are done.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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