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This forum thread needs a solution.

Get your Norton Toolbar back popup

I am getting what seem to be random popups instructing me to reinstall the Norton Toolbar from the Chrome Web Store.

See the screen capture in the attached PDF below.

Popups can appear once or twice a day but not every day.

Sometimes the popups don't show for a few days

I always choose "Install now".

It happens even though Chrome has NOT been updated (version numbers unchanged).

The only consistent thing is that the popups show after resuming from hibernation or restarting.

This is happening on 2 Windows 7 laptops and 1 Windows 8.1 laptop.

Is all this a virus, a glitch in NIS or a glitch in the Chrome extension?

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Re: Get your Norton Toolbar back popup

Hi, FFFGL. Welcome. Chrome is a pain with the Toolbar, since Google changed the rules. Please check these links, for more info.



A good idea is to run Live Update until no more are found to get all the latest patches and updates, and then update the toolbar.


Re: Get your Norton Toolbar back popup

Hi F4E. Thanks for the reply.

RE: https://community.norton.com/forums/new-norton-toolbar-update-google-chr...

I have had this update installed for some time now.

RE: https://community.norton.com/forums/troubleshooting-information-norton-t...

None of these issues relate to my problem.

RE: A good idea is to run Live Update until no more are found to get all the latest patches and updates, and then update the toolbar.

My NIS is always fully updated.

I have no problem with my Norton Security Toolbar (version 2014.7.9.14), it is installed and seems to work fine. My problem is, I keep getting intermittent prompts to reinstall what I already have installed. This happens even if my Google Chrome is on the latest version. Basically, why prompt to reinstall when there is no newer version of Chrome installed or even available?


Re: Get your Norton Toolbar back popup

Weird... I did some Google search and found this Google Support page.

I cannot say if your problem is due to malware on all three of your machines as suggested, but you could perhaps try resetting your settings in Chrome, as suggested at point 1. "If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, use browser reset to reset your settings. While this won't remove the malware itself, it will reset your potentially corrupted browser settings to their original defaults."

Try also step 3. "Check your computer for programs you do not recognize, and uninstall them. These programs may have names like "Browser Protect" or "Wysys Control."

Hope it helps otherwise you might need to sign up for help from one of these free malware removal sites where an expert will help you on a one to one basis until your systems are clean:

http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/(link is external)(link is external) 

http://forums.whatthetech.com(link is external)(link is external)

http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/(link is external)(link is external)

http://www.cybertechhelp.com/forums/(link is external)(link is external)

Keep us posted.

Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit | Chrome 65.0.3325.146 | NS

Re: Get your Norton Toolbar back popup

Hi Rainbow_2

Thanks for all the info.

I am almost certain this not malware but possibly a bug in Chrome, Norton Security Toolbar or NIS.

For peace of mind though, I will do a complete OS reinstall.

I will keep you posted.

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