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Getting norton back after PC refresh

I recently refreshed my pc because it was running slow and Norton is gone. How would I go about getting it back without paying again


Accepted Solution

Re: Getting norton back after PC refresh

hi The Comrade

The best way to reinstall Norton is to log into your Norton Account to download an activated install, you may log into your Account by clicking on the link below:

Norton Account Sign-in

You may wish at the same time to take the opportunity to tidy-up the information on the Account.

Click on Devices tab on the main Account window select the refreshed device and click on the Trash bin.

Click on  Servcies tab where the indivdual installs are listed make sure the device is not listed if so, click on the Trash bin next to it.

From this page click on the orange Download button when you will be taken to another page where you will have an opportunity to download your Norton product to the device you are using to access the Account.

Please let us know if you have any queries or difficulties.


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