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This is getting old, Toolbar completely brokeen no matter what I try.

I noticed issues after my computer upgraded to its version of Firefox to 19 and so as usual I tried Live Update. I then came here looking for help and not one thing has helped so far.

On one computer I would be randomly logged out of my Idenity Safe or it would ask me to restart my computer and on the second computer the Identity safe dissappears and Norton is no longer open. I have even gone to the and extreme used the Norton Removal tool on N.I.S. and used Revo Uninstaller on Mozilla Firefox. Then I used my N.I.S. 2013 disc and re-installed itand I fresh installed Mozilla Firefox 19. I did all updates and it asked me to install the patch, which I did, and after this I get themessage saying the toolbar isn't compaible with 19, the toolbar version is 2013.1.0.32, I even tried to run the suggested tool that checks to see if you have the latest version of the Norton software and it says I am up to date. So then I decided to do the above steps all over again but this time install the older version of Firefox, 18.02, and again I get the message saying it isn't compatible.

But wait, we aren't done yet, you see I have NEVER been able to get your toolbar to work at all with Google Chrome, which is my browser of choice, since I installed Windows 8 on any of the 3 machines I have.

So you are basically forcing me to go back to Internet Explorer 10 which has an odd bug when you use it on multiple computers with the same login I.D. where it randomly loses your open pages.

I used to really hate Norton products but in 2009 you had a major turn around but I might have to start steering my customers to something else again because of the major problems that have ensued in the last 4 months. GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER AND START LISTENING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS WHO ARE TELLING THERE ARE PROBLEMS.



Re: This is getting old, Toolbar completely brokeen no matter what I try.


Have you considered the possibility of malware? Both malware and viruses like to mess with security software as a means of protecting themselves from deletion.

Just a thought

Dick Win 10x64 current current NSBU

Re: This is getting old, Toolbar completely brokeen no matter what I try.

Yes, there are none. The second computer rarely gets used and literally was turned on and after FF 19 had issues. I also have 22 years in the computer business and know how to use the internet and don't click on stuff that I don't know about or don't know where it came from, I also don't install stuff unless I make sure it is real and nothing has been installed this week. I am also not the only person with these issue's read the other threads. The funniest thing is everything works fine in Internet Explorer 10.


Re: This is getting old, Toolbar completely brokeen no matter what I try.

It has been a few days since my last post and I am still trying to get this to work using all the info provided to us but of course Norton doesn't want to respond. For some reason it seems like my version of the toolbar is not updating to the newest one that works with FF 19 even after running the little Norton latest version product checker.


Re: This is getting old, Toolbar completely brokeen no matter what I try.

Hi JonPopeIV,

I think the bottom line is that you would be happy to get the Norton Toolbar to work with FF 19.0 -since youhave always had problems with IE 10 and Chrome just doesn't seem to function for your configuration.  Perhaops if we can get it to update and  work in FF 19 we can go beyond that and get other browsers to function.

This is a situation I have come across before in NIS, N360 and NSS with previous FF upgrades. Following the exact procedure that follows has produced the desired results of the NTB appearing in FF. Do not add any addtional steps such as running the Norton Removal Tool, as that may cause you to lose your ID Safe, customised settings and will also remove any other Norton programs you may happen to have installed.

It is highly recommended you export your ID Safe data prior to starting this procedure.  You should not lose it during the procedure - but please export it as a precautionary measure.

Please do the following in the order I list:

Totally uninstall Firefox

Download a fresh copy of Firefox 19.0. from here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/new/

Install the fresh copy of firefox.

Download a fresh copy of your Norton product from here:

NIS - www.norton.com/nis20

Remove   your Norton product using Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs if you are using XP) - do not run the NRT as you'll want to keep your Identitiy Safe and other settings.

Install the fresh copy of your Norton product. Run LiveUpdate (rebooting as requested by LiveUpdate) as many times as necessary for it to respond with the specific words  "no updates found" .

Once all that is done in the order I am asking for you to do it, please check Firefox 19 and look at "Add-on's" and see if Norton Toolbar 2013.3.0.26 and Norton Vulnerability Protection are listed and shown as enabled.

Do you now have the Norton Toolbar in FF 19.0.?

Please let us know how this goes.

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