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Good Job Norton!!

Most of the posts here seem to be complaints or criticisms, so I thought I would post something positive.

I use the free, standalone version of Norton Identity Safe and, overall, I am very happy with it so far.

The product suites my needs pretty well; which is basic, simple pasword management, auto-login and cloud storage.

LastPass seems pretty good too, but is a bit overkill for me. I don't need features like Identities and credit reporting.

I appreciate the fact that NIS seems well supported, even though fixes/features may not be fast enough/good enough for some. There seems to be new versions of the toolbar released regularly with useful fixes and tweaks. For example, I appreciate the new option to Disable Norton Safe Share.

I use Internet Explorer 10 and NIS seems pretty stable with this browser, so far. NIS seems much more stable now than it was last Fall. I am happy with IE 10 and will not be using other browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

Adding the ability to categorize a Login at creation time, custom login fields and possibly a 'notes' field for each Login might be nice features to plan for the future, but stability, security and reliability are most important right now.

I sitll plan on reporting issues/bugs as I encounter them in day-to-day use of the product, in order to try and help Norton team to continue making improvements.


-wheatshockerWin7x64, IE10


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Re: Good Job Norton!!


Thank you for the kind words. Some days they are very hard to find.

When you do find bugs please post them in the appropriate forum. This will make it easier for them to be seen by the correct team, the ones who can fix the problem.

Some of the delay in getting fixes deployed is the testing that has to take place first. Some of it is in getting a clear understanding of the problem so that there is a point of focus.

One other point to mention, so you can be prepared. No single security product will ever be able to protect you 100% of the time from 100% of the thousands of threats being released daily.

Again, thanks for the kind words. The staff will appreciate them

Stay well and surf safe

Dick Win 10x64 current current NSBU
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Re: Good Job Norton!!

Hi Wheatshocker,

Thanks for your postive comments and feedback. As Dick pointed, please do let us know about the issues you face so that we can assist you. We have Norton Staff's and Guru's monitoring this forum constantly and you will definitely find answers for your queries. I see you have opened a thread for Win 7 + IE 10 issues you are facing, please do continue to update the same thread and we are monitoring the thread.



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