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This forum thread needs a solution.

Have I found a glitch in ID Safe?

Re: Xfinity Norton Security Suite, Version:

I think I may have found a glitch in my Norton Security Suite ID Safe.

I have an account at https://xyz.force.com. (XYZ if fictitious here, but the real account ends with force.com)
I also have an account at https://xyz2.force.com. (XYZ2 is fictitious too, but really ends with force.com)

Each of the URLs is for a totally different company, but happen to end with force.com.

Both of the above accounts use the same email address as Username and different passwords.

Norton ID safe will only let me save the account login credentials for both accounts if each has a different email address as a Username. If both of these accounts use the same email address as the Username login, ID Safe will only let me save one or the other, but never both.

After days or trying to save both accounts in ID Safe, I realized that if I use a different email address for each, then it works fine.

My thinking is that the glitch might be related to the fact that both of these URLs end with force.com.

I can recreate the problem again and again and fix it by using different email addresses.

Any ideas why would this be happening and if it merits a fix?


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Re: Have I found a glitch in ID Safe?

Hi greagv8,

The situation you describe has been around for quite a few years.  I ran into it long ago on all Norton products while using ID safe.   I circumvent it from happening by using different user names - in other words, I would use yank as a use name on one and yank@comcast on another and if needed yank@hotmail on another or you could simply use yank, yank1, yank2. 

Does the xyz.force.com sites insist you use an email  address as a user name?

In the example I stated above (yank, yank@x.com, and yank@y.com , I even use the same password.

This also happens with both a Local and a Cloud Vault.

Let's see what others have to say about this.


Re: Have I found a glitch in ID Safe?

Hello yank! Thanks for your prompt response. Yes, my xyz.force.com sites require an email address as a login User ID, but I have a few spare email addresses. I've used Norton products for the longest time and ID Safe since the fist time it was available years ago, but had never before encountered this situation until two weeks ago. It really does not bother me, but it took me days of analyzing what was going on, so not really looking for a fix from Norton for this minor problem and I can always use different email addresses as User ID. Thanks again!

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