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H.B.'s Security Round-up 6-10-19.

First up, intercepted highly suspicious e-mail:


Determined malicious by Sucuri:

Please note that they indict “gismeteo” as well.

Meanwhile, back at Safe Web:

In this security report, i would also like to draw attention to:

Have to laugh, looks like a cesspool of illegal downloads, not to mention a tool for hacking Facebook, yet, in my Norton Toolbar, it gets the good ol’ green check of approval.  It really is a misnomer, because, when you take the time to visit Safe Web directly concerning this site, it is the usual gray question mark:




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Re: H.B.'s Security Round-up 6-10-19.

Hello H B

I will submit this to Safe Web. They might say they don't scam emails for malware, but we will see what they post back if anything.

Please stay tuned to this thread for a response from the Safe Web Team on Monday night after midnight EDT

Have a Nice Day and


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