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H.B.'s Security Round-up 6-3-19.


Intercepted some more questionable links as well as two [2] more suspicious domains highlighted in Korean spam posts over on CR:

Like in my last security roundup, those last two domains (when the Korean text describing them was translated) appear to be fronts for illegal prostitution operations. 

Flo, was there any word on the last list i submitted? 

Thanks as always,




Re: H.B.'s Security Round-up 6-3-19.

Hello H B

I haven't heard anything from Safe Web Team. I really don't think they will do anything unless they have been submitted to Safe Web and they have a Meta Tag. Then they can verify and evaluate the sites.are not going to do anything with such a list. I am pretty sure about this. The owners of the sites have to submit their sites to Safe Web.

I'm sorry H B, but that's the way Safe Web  works.

Have a Nice Day and


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Re: H.B.'s Security Round-up 6-3-19.

Hello HB,

Norton Safeweb rates websites based on malicious content and/or phishing. We do not rate websites if they are spam. If spam links are found in forums, then it is up to the respective forum admins to clean up. Hope this helps.



Re: H.B.'s Security Round-up 6-3-19.

COPS explains,

"We do not rate websites if they are spam. If spam links are found in forums, then it is up to the respective forum admins to clean up."

Well, they do the best they can to clean these up at CR, but, in turn, my goal is to then take that information and synthesize it to ensure that Safe Web does not have corresponding intelligence gaps.  If people are taking the time to report such findings, the least that can be expected is to forward the info to Administrators at Safe Web (perhaps RDLeo?) who can then issue a warning on the page, something like, "Beware, this domain has been indicted in a spam campaign."  And, yes, it may be spam, but, oftentimes, they are fronts for more sinister activities.   

Just leaving Safe Web with countless "gray question marks" that are seemingly never addressed, will not improve the broader scope of Symantec's global intelligence.  The idea is, we always want to be improving upon processes and procedures.  Then again, i guess the aforementioned is a historical contention i've had here.   

Nonetheless, if i am able, i will continue to report on these things in the hopes that someone will take the next steps.  It just seems morally reprehensible to me, to have the knowledge of these malicious domains and not seek to share that information to raise broader awareness to preclude people from sustaining potential loss or worse. 



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