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H.B.'s Security Round-up 9-4-19.


What follows is the most recent list of questionable links prefaced with:

1. hxxp://nhadattayho.net/calendar/surveyor_marten.html

2. hxxp://mysdgstep.ucsiuniversity.edu.my/calendar/Trigoniaceae_proexpert.html (Gotta love that .edu misnomer)

3. hxxp://printstudio.pt/calendar/simplifiedly_sapbush.html

4. hxxp://selcukluticaret.com/calendar/unknowably_proceres.html

5. hxxp://macrobiotics-malaysia.com/calendar/judiciality_cystadenoma.html

6. hxxp://printstudio.pt/calendar/simplifiedly_sapbush.html (Has nothing to do with print services)

7. http://echohealthmed.com/calendar/cryptococcus_pausefully.html (Has nothing to do with the medical profession)

8. hxxp://api.cmsalesandservice.com/calendar/biz_shaggedness.html

9. hxxp://shop.campus-vetnetz.de/calendar/universitary_uranist.html

10. hxxp://tisoft.vn/calendar/equilibristic_potteress.html (Safe Web detected phishing)

11. hxxp://nhadattayho.net/calendar/Tang_monomethylic.html

12. hxxp://hosmajorskan.se/calendar/kumbi_jealous.html (Watch out, this one is a harvester, and, was sent out to about ten [10] other recipients of which i now have their emails, luckily it’s me ;-)  Safe Web has found viruses, in particular, Trojan.Gen.2 AND


13. hxxp://onnaz.tv/calendar/jarnut_abstemiousness.html (Yeah, this “tv” needs to be canceled)

14. hxxp://yinpyin.com/calendar/nonsanctity_able.html

15. hxxp://theniwomenhostel.com/calendar/terrifyingly_prionopine.html (Yeah, this is terrifying alright) (Norton highlights this with the orange exclamation point for viruses in particular:

“Malicious Site: Malicious Domain Request 21”

16. hxxp://collegelinks.net/calendar/withinsides_ophiolatrous.html (Nothing to do with college)

17. hxxp://ampdphoto.com/calendar/imbricated_heterodyne.html  

18. hxxp://alpinotokurtarma.com/calendar/bipartition_zoopsychologist.html (Yeah, you’ll have to use the “Zoo Psychologist” after you use that link; hopefully, you won’t have to be put in one of the cages)

19. hxxp://vietnhanadv.com/calendar/mannite_ocydromine.html

20. hxxp://amediatellc.com/calendar/staphyline_shucking.html (odd screenshot of an index listing in Safe Web)

21. hxxp:// (Hmmm… so sneaky that they only provide an IP)

22. hxxp://goithoquangtri.com/calendar/swordsman_ace.html

23. hxxp://livehealthyn.com/calendar/clitelliferous_stirrupwise.html

24. hxxp://iki.edu.vn/calendar/accouterment_xyloquinone.html (another fake .edu)

25. hxxp://indonesia-bagus.id/calendar/amidst_ambiguously.html

26. hxxp://keeep.ml/calendar/daubing_glossate.html

27. hxxp://wheresciera.co.uk/calendar/halichondroid_inspectability.html

28. hxxp://sapengineers.co.in/calendar/Aphoruridae_ammonitic.html (Premise of this one was “date a nurse, amazing experiences”.  No thank you, had enough nurses in the hospital -_- )

29. hxxp://drinkndinebrt.com/calendar/Copaifera_driftman.html

30. hxxp://uwb-tech.com/calendar/dynamitist_unharmonized.html (Has nothing to do with tech; they also misspelled the word “glamour” in the message - - have to love that)

31. hxxp://endosandbox.processmaker.com/calendar/perpendicular_telethon.html

32. hxxp://innovacion.archivogeneral.gov.co/calendar/intestineness_waybook.html (Phony .gov, also, suspicious .co)

33. hxxp://imarketingtcm.com/calendar/thoughted_lappage.html

34. hxxp://drharitha.dentist/calendar/paroemiography_compositional.html

35. hxxp://letsgocurling.com/calendar/breedbate_vibracularium.html (Has nothing to do with curling)

36. hxxp://genx50plus.com/calendar/thistly_satyagrahi.html

37. hxxp://3cx.knights-isc.co.za/calendar/polliniferous_wheerikins.html

38. hxxp://eventosgenesis.com/calendar/kamichi_unmeetly.html (the premise for this one was, ‘girls on fire’ - - i guess i better call the fire department then)


Seemed like Safe Web was definitely picking up on more in this one, however, my recommendation is: a re-test for no.’s: 2, 5, 17, 31, 32 as they were coming up ‘Green’ in Safe Web.

It may be helpful to see all these findings in colour as well.  Obviously, Green is safe, Red/Yellow issues and Gray = untested:

Finishing up this round-up, I would also like to draw attention to:

Currently, Safe Web has ‘iluvtoons’ in the GREEN.  The problem is, no matter what you click on their homepage, the site works through another extension, and, the minute you click - - Norton 360 goes into action.  I document this fully in my review here: