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This forum thread needs a solution.

Help--Norton keeps trying to install Chrome Extension

I do not want the Norton Toolbar, Safe search or whatever the other Chrome extensions are. Yet every day I get these popups that they are being installed and I have to click on don't install.

How do i STOP this crap, along with the Norton nag popups?

(I have W7)




Re: Help--Norton keeps trying to install Chrome Extension

I hear you Mel.  The popups annoy the crap out of me too.  At the bottom should be a link to "Don't ask me again".  Trouble is, every time Norton updates you will get the same popup again, and again.

I've made my thoughts quite clear to Symantec about this. Hopefully they will pass my feedback along to the marketing team.  I will add your post also.  Hopefully they will get the point eventually.

Thanks for posting.

- Dave

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