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This forum thread needs a solution.

Help please

Does anyone know how to contact Norton by phone?



Re: Help please

Hello PaumaBreck.

Sorry that there has been no earlier response but your post got tied up in a problem we are having with the titles of some messages, on the forums at the moment.  

I do not have any number to hand but it if you could tell us where in the world you are it might generate a helpful response.

Most people seem to use the free 24 hr internet chat facility which can be contacted via this link.



Re: Help please

It also helps to have an idea of the problem, unless it is confidential in some way, since someone here may know the solution.....

At one time when you filled in the CHAT link with the preliminary information you got a choice of CHAT, Phone etc and one of the Phone options was for them to call you ..... but we've seen more complaints phone delays, sometimes on hold when you call them which can get expensive if you are outside the freecall area,  than on CHAT.

Hope that helps ....


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