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HI Quads ! non-important

Just giving you a heads up on how many people you are helping all over Norton Community. I even commented how cool it was to see you and SendOJive and now I forgot the guy name that begins with a letter H over a year ago. Was it Hugh? When I saw your names in the credit for Norton 360 product in About . . . . under Support. That when I comment on three of you guys.

I come on here just to read all of your post and how your helping everyone. Including the one with the moneypak topic. I noticed there be a lot of ZeroAccess virus problems. wow!!

Anyways, you help a lot of people. Should get a million Kudos. :P ........  I know a few do not listen well.

Keep up the good work in the Norton 360 area Quads. Hope you have a great rest of the summer.

Well, do not want to bore you or take you away from your busy schedule. Enjoy!!

Bike Mike is here and always on the air!!!

(I know I posted this in Norton 360..... keep it here please)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bike Mike2002 Olympic TorchbearerMultiple Sclerosis Cyclist since 1990IBM Desktop ThinkCentre, Vista SP2, 32bit, IE 8, FF 3.6, Norton 360 v5.1.0.29, Chrome 11.0.696.68, Paint Shop Pro 12.50 and Adobe 10, 3 GB memory