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Hide Toolbar on IE but Keep SafeSearch?

I thought yonks ago I could hide the Norton toolbar, but keep SafeSearch active. However now it seems that when I disable it, it also disables SafeSearch too? Why is this.

I don't want a gargantuan toolbar on my screen, but I DO want Norton ratings beside search results. I've tried right clicking etc but all options only seem to fully DISABLE it, rather than hide. Am I missing something?

I'm on Win 7x64, IE11. Norton Internet Security

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Re: Hide Toolbar on IE but Keep SafeSearch?

Do you use Identity Safe? If not, just go ahead and click the X at the left side of the Norton Toolbar. Accept to disable the toolbar. Now do a search for anything, and you should still see the Safe Web rating icons.

If you do use Identity Safe, there appears no way to close the toolbar.


Looking a little closer to your post. You can change your default search provider in IE to Norton Safe Search. Then you can disable the Toolbar.

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Re: Hide Toolbar on IE but Keep SafeSearch?

Yep exactly, I don't use Identity safe, I have that turned off (everything else on).

It didn't always used to be tied to the toolbar though did it? I'm sure I used to enjoy the Norton Safe Web notifications besides results, and had never had the toolbar visible before, I only recently noticed they weren't there and found turning the toolbar on brought them back.

Why is there no option to HIDE the toolbar, without fully disabling it? (Which would solve my problem, despite it being totally daft the Safe search is tied to it..)

Edit: Don't really like the Norton Safe Search, search though. All I want is the notifications beside my google results, but without having to have that huge toolbar visible..

Edit 2: Whoops, seems they're back now, even though I tried exactly that. (Disabling just the toolbar and leaving the Identity Safe enabled, despite not using it). Now I have the toolbar disabled, but the Norton Safe Search results are active. Cheers!

Don't know why they disappeared... Ah well sorted now.


Re: Hide Toolbar on IE but Keep SafeSearch?

Sorry if my constant edits may have confused you. I do not use IE so I was testing and posting on the fly.

In the end, what I found is that you can disable the Toolbar, which will also disable ID Safe. But you will still see Safe Web rating icons in your searches.

If you want to use Norton Safe Search, you can continue to do that with the Toolbar disabled by setting Norton Safe Search as you default search provider in IE settings. Then just type your searches in the address bar.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Hide Toolbar on IE but Keep SafeSearch?

Yep I just disabled the toolbar and ignored the ID Safe disable.

That's exactly as I used to have it, but for some reason they stopped showing, probably an update. Either way it's sorted now and I still have the Safe Web ratings, without the toolbar now. Thanks.


Re: Hide Toolbar on IE but Keep SafeSearch?


You can set Google as your default Search Engine. Also, please check if these settings are on.

Settings>Identity Safety>Safe Surfing>Norton Safe Web and the next 3 settings as well.


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