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How can I migrate existing local vault to the new configuration?

I have been reluctant to upgrade to "web based" Identity Safe and still use "Local" identity saving on my two computers.  My wife and I use either one interchangeably, but under Windows 10, (x64) version, via three different "yours, mine, and ours" Windows user accounts.  Right now we have one subscription to Norton Internet Security under the "mine" account.  I would like to migrate this subscription to the "ours" account, and set up a way that we can save passwords centrally and individually under the subscription.  We also subscribe to Windows Office 365, and so we would like to have the passwords for "yours" on one cell phone and "mine" on another.  How can I get advice on how to set this up and migrate our existing locally hosted passwords to the new configuration?

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Re: How can I migrate existing local vault to the new configuration?

If you are using a Norton product subscription on a single computer with multiple Windows user accounts, it makes no difference which user has the Norton subscription. All users on that computer are protected.

If you have held onto your local vault(s), you will have one vault for each Windows user. There is no way to sync these vaults automatically. You need to manually backup each vault, and then you can import/merge into the other vaults.

For your cell phones, the only option is the cloud vault. There never was a local vault on mobile devices. If you want different vaults on each phone, each user of each cell phone will need to create a Norton Account and then create an ID Safe vault from that device. Importing the vault contents from your local vaults is going to be problematic if you are not using a cloud vault on your PC. Not impossible, but it would entail creating a cloud vault on the PC, which would probably lose your local vault, then you would have to jump through some hoops to regain the local vault. This could end up being a painful experience with no guarantee that you will still have the local vault when you are done.

Might just be easier, if you want to keep the local vaults, to just recreate the logins on the phones.

Others may have better ideas. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: How can I migrate existing local vault to the new configuration?

Read this thread and save each Local vault information so it can be recovered if needed.


Login in to each Local Vault and Export the information to a dat or csv file. Then logout of your Local vaults.

Then you can use a new e-mail address to setup a new Norton Account. Then you can setup a Cloud Vault on that Norton Account. Login in to the new Cloud vault and import the information from the dat or csv file from the Local vault. Do this for each new vault you want to create. Use a separate E-mail to setup a Norton Account for each Cloud vault you want.


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