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This forum thread needs a solution.

how can I remove yourwebing.com from firefox?

I have used various ways unsuccessfully to remove this malware.

The forum post 08-Oct-2013 (browser hijacker removal) didn't work either. Can my Norton service help me. I have used this product many years surly you can help with my problem.



Re: how can I remove yourwebing.com from firefox?

What is Norton Virus Protection Promise?--
http://us.norton.com/nortonlive/ Fee based Virus Removal
Update and run full scan with your Norton product + DIY at your discretion second opinion scan with MalwarebytesAM Free and / or HitmanPro
No joy. >>
Time to visit one of the free Malware Removal Forums recommended by the Community
Trained experts at free Malware Removal Forums do their best to clean / repair your system. Resist self fixes and using your computer as normal until your system is declared clean. 


Re: how can I remove yourwebing.com from firefox?


Trying to clean out malware with 2 year old methods would be useless. It's difficult enough to try and do it with current day methods. The tools have to be always updated to keep up with the mutating malware in this cyber world. The best thing to do is try removing it with a full scan with your Norton product. Then go to one of the free malware removal sites which bjm recommended.


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