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This forum thread needs a solution.

How to delete old backups?

So, chat seem pretty useless for solving this, so I figured I'd ask here:

I can't find any way to delete old backups - not just individual files, but everything from a single backup.

Anyone know how to achieve this?

All I got out of chat was to request an online backup purge. Which I did. A week ago. Was told it would take 48hrs. Have just been told to wait another 48hrs. I don't hold out much hope for it actually being done. Not that a full purge is really what I want.



Re: How to delete old backups?

Here is how to remove old backups. Be sure you are signed into a Windows admin account to do this.

  1. From your present PC, go to " This PC"  or "computers" where you will find " Norton Backup Drive"
  2. Go into " Norton Backup Drive" and you should see all your local backup of present PC as well Online backup sets of all PCs.
  3. If you don't see all your Online backup sets, Please go to Norton-> Backup ->Restore Files ->View all -> Click Refresh button near to " Select Restore Source". It may take some time depending on the backup size.
  4. Once all the Backupsets is reflected, (Make sure all the backup\retsore UI closed)Right-click the backup set you want to delete and click Yes in the next pop-up or if it asks to authenticate, please login with your Norton account.
  5. Do the step 4 again for all the backup sets to be deleted.
Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: How to delete old backups?

Thanks for the reply.

However this does not solve the problem. I only see 1 backup set in Norton Backup Drive, and under Norton->Backup->Restore->View All, no matter how many times I click the refresh button, or how long I wait, no more backup sets appear.

But when I go to my.norton.com and look under the Backup tab I still see the old backups.

Norton still haven't purged the backups, despite several attempts at getting it done, and I still can't find anyway for me to free up the space these old, unwanted, backups are taking up in my online storage.

Sooner rather than later I am going to run out of storage, and then what? Pay for more? Is this why I'm not able to remove them? So that I have to pay more money to Norton for more storage?!


Re: How to delete old backups?

This still hasn't been resolved.

I still can't delete the old backups myself, and Norton still haven't purged them either.

Why is there seemingly no solution to this?


Re: How to delete old backups?

Ok, now I’m even more confused. Thought I would try one more time, before going to bed. Did nothing different. And the old backups appeared! Anyway, I’m too tired to sort through them now, hopefully they’ll still be there tomorrow, and I can finally get the space freed up!

Re: How to delete old backups?

I just get more and more confused, and infuriated by this whole thing...

So, I eventually managed to get the old backups to show up consistently. Restored one of them to a different location, made sure I had copies of the files in there that I wanted to keep. And set about trying to delete it.

At first I couldn't get it to do anything. I'd right-click, tell it to delete, and nothing.

Eventually I worked out that Norton was actually doing something. Just not telling me.

So now it's supposedly deleting that first old backup. I've got a dialog up saying "Removing files..." and "Files deleted: 5583 of 5583" and "Transferring: 4%"...

Wait, what?! "Transferring"?! Transferring what exactly?! And why is Norton chugging away at the disk?!

Is it deleting files from my HDD???!!!

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