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How do I get my Safe log-ins in alpha order?

Hello. I'd appreciate advice please.

I have 152 log-ins stored in my Vault. How can I get them to appear in Alpha order? They seem to be in 'Date set up' order and on the odd occasion when the auto-fill doesn't work, it's a pain trying to find the log-in.

This isn't helped by the fact that the slider button is very narrow and it's too easy to 'move off' and have to start again!

Win10 Home v1803 build 17134.345/HP envy/EDGE (rubbish)/IE11 (RIP)11.285.17134.0/ OFFICE 365 Home Personal/Norton Security
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Re: How do I get my Safe log-ins in alpha order?

From the Norton Toolbar in IE or Chrome, click on the Vault is Open button. Click on Logins, and then click at the top of the listing between Recent Logins and the option currently in use. That will bring up the options. Click on Name (a-z) to get alphabetical listing.

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Re: How do I get my Safe log-ins in alpha order?

Hi Taffy_078,

Just my 2 ¢

I read your question differently - I read it as you are referring to your actual Vault.  Since I do not want to block out a bunch of log-ins - I've cut the image down a bunch - but you will be able to see what I think you mean.

Click on Vault is Open in your Toolbar > Open Identity Safe Vault > select the drop down arrow and then select Name.  This will place your entire vault in Alpha Order by the name of the log-in.

I am showing this method, as I use the "Name" to keep my vault alpha and I can still use the "Recently Used" in peterweb's response in order to show where I have been "recently". 

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