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How do I remove appmaster and appsync from win 10?

On my startup list these two appear.  However, in the apps listing they do not appear so I cannot just uninstall them. Looking around the web they look like maleware.  Apparently Norton does not flag this application and allow it to be removed. Any help appreciated. 



Re: How do I remove appmaster and appsync from win 10?

Hello oldtech. On your startup list in Task Manager you should be able to disable those startup items with check boxes. If you cannot determine the running processes for these two entries I use Rkill from Bleeping Computer which will scan for and kill any malware processes for you. I would then download and do a full scan with Malwarebytes. Its FREE, runs alongside Norton very well and will detect malware such as PUP/PUA's that Norton doesn't detect normally. I would use NPE as a last resort since it is quite aggressive and can lead to deletion of system files due to false positive detections.


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