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This forum thread needs a solution.

How do I temporarily turn off ALL Norton

I need to turn off Norton.  How do I do this?



Re: How do I temporarily turn off ALL Norton

Hi Derek,

To turn off norton family for a child

1) Login to norton family

2) Click on the child.

3) Set supervision off.

If supervision is set off, the child will not be monitored. 

If you want to stop monitoring for all children. Kindly follow the above steps for all children.



Re: How do I temporarily turn off ALL Norton


I'm not sure if I didn't specify clearly, I don't understand the terminology, or you didn't read this carefully.  I'll accept responsibility.

What child?  or you're saying this is for any user?
I need to TURN OFF Norton during a product install to see if that's what is causing an issue.
HOW DO I TURN NORTON OFF COMPLETELY.  No subset or specific users are involved.  I NEED TO SHUT OFF THE ENTIRE PRODUCT, or for a specified amount of time like I can with some modules (turn off for 15 minutes... until next reboot, etc.)

AND please specify WHERE I do this.  Many of the options are buried in the menus and some are not intuitive.


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Re: How do I temporarily turn off ALL Norton

The only way to completely turn off ALL of Norton is to uninstall. You should not have to disable any AV product these days to install any software. If the software insists on your doing so, I would be suspect of that product and I would look for another product.

If you really want to try disable features that can be temporarliy turned off, right click the Norton icon in the System tray and you can disable the Firewall and Auto Protect.


The reason you got the reply about Norton Family is that you originally posted in the Norton Family forum board. Your post has since been moved to the Norton Security board.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: How do I temporarily turn off ALL Norton


Norton can not be totally turned off - unless you uninstall the program.  

You can turn off the Auto- Protect which should be all you may need t install the program you are having difficulty with.

From main Norton splash screen > select Settings > Anti Virus > Automatic Protection Tab > turn off Auto-Protect > APPLY > select time and attempt install.

Please let us know if the Auto-Protect OFF fixes your situation, if not please come back with additional information such as Operating System, the program you are trying to install and exactly what your issue is.


Re: How do I temporarily turn off ALL Norton

Thank you all.  Sorry for my mis-post.

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