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how does upgrading from NIS work?

OK so a bit of background; I got Windows 8, and my NIS subscription is about to expire in a couple days. It costs a lot more to renew than upgrade to Norton Security so I'd like to upgrade instead. I heard that it's counted as a new product and I have to uninstall NIS. Does Norton handle this, or do I have to manually uninstall and run a removal tool before installing Norton Security? Also, if I choose to upgrade by buying a fresh subscription, would that work the same way as an upgrade?



Re: how does upgrading from NIS work?

Hi kylemc15,

Provided your NIS installation is working flawlessly, you can do an over install using Norton Security.  It will remove NIS, retain most of your settings, your vault data if using ID Safe Password Manager and install the updated Norton Security.  Be advised you will have to run LiveUpdate to obtain the latest definitions etc.

No matter where you purchase your new product (Norton or a reputable retailer), you can do the over install and enter your new product key to activate it. 

Bear in mind, this is different from an auto-renewal in which case you will end up with another year of NIS.


Re: how does upgrading from NIS work?


Please be advised that Norton Security comes in 3 different types depending on how many devices and if you need the backup feature. There is the Standard, Deluxe and Premium types. Please see this link for an explanation of the different  types.


This is not an official Symantec explanation.

Thanks to F4E for the link.


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