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This forum thread needs a solution.

How to find out the disk space used by Norton 360 backup?

I have a 3TB disk I use for backup. It is shared, and only shared, by Norton 360 and Windows backup.

I check my Norton 360 backup set. It says 60k files using 300GB after my most recent backup.

Windows said it used 300GB for data backup and 1TB for system backup. It said "OTHER data used 1.5TB ". There is 200GB left in that drive.

Explorer said there are 200GB available in that drive. There is nothing in the trash. There is no page file in that drive.

So 3TB total, 300GB from Norton, 1.3TB from Windows, 200GB left. The Maths is not right. 1.2TB is missing.

Since All 3 folders refused my access, I do not know who should take the blame of using that extra space.

Can I take over the N360_BACKUP and change the security setting so that I can see how much space it actually uses? and HOW?

PS. I want to removed all Norton backup files in another drive. Is it OK if I remove the N360_backup folder? I use Norton 360 Delete Files in Backup Set and it removed 60 files, out of 50,000, in 3 hours. I guess it is going to take centuries before it removes everything. Seriously, what is wrong with Norton? It is worse than freeware.

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