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How good we are really protected?

Hello guys, I just recently watched this Helepolis video and it makes me thinking a lot... What you guys think about this?



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Re: How good we are really protected?

I am not sure how much credibility you want to attach to what is clearly an advertisement for a competing product.  The ad is not even demonstrating an actual malware attack, but rather states that the presentation is designed to "simulate a ransomware virus on an endpoint that resembles something like Wannacry, Locky, or Samsam..."  What you are watching is a dramatization, not a test.  Do they really expect Norton to react to a make-believe attack they have designed to feign how their product might work against something similar to actual ransomware??

If you want to know how really well protected you are by Norton, you should read instead about how the product has received the Best Protection Award from the AV-TEST Institute for the third straight year:


Also, the only guaranteed way to stay safe from ransomware is to have backups of all your important files stored in isolation from your production machine.  Whatever software protection you employ beyond this is just icing on the cake.

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Re: How good we are really protected?

Of course this is just a "test" and demonstration. I don't believe the OP intentions were a put down of Norton products but rather a conversation / discussion opener. Nevertheless, the question should be posed to those who have definitive answers to "what if" and "how are" the products protecting customers, in a clear manner they will understand. NO A/V software will ever achieve a 100% detection rate. Personally I'd like having those answers before rather than after something happens.  The only stupid questions are the ones that don't get asked.


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Re: How good we are really protected?

Yes... of course my intention was not to point Norton as a victim but rather start discusion and reflect that we don't have really guarannted security on the cyberworld and any AV program can be tricked out one way or another.

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