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How to let "IDSS" and "NTB" extensions added in the MS Edge

I have the Windows 10 Home 64-bit anniversary update(V:1607, Build 14393.0) installed, which will allow MS edge browser to support add-ons.  I see that  the MS Edge browser has add-ons option called 'extensions'.
However, when installing some apps(Norton Identity Safe, Internet Download Manager, Skype, HP SimplePass Website Logon, so on) which integrate their built-in adds into any browser installed, I didn't see that add-ons were added/integrated to the  MS Edge browser.

However, all of the Norton Identity Safe Extension, Internet Download Manager Extension, Skype Extension, and HP SimplePass Website Logon Extension added/integrated into the other browsers such as MS IE11, and Google Chrome, FireFox and so on.
As a result, I think the add-on of any app only available and authorized in the Windows 10 Store could only be added/integrated into the  MS Edge browser.

However, IDSS and Norton Toolbar extensions are not available in the Windows 10 store since I think they are considered  3rd-party extensions.

How to let "IDSS" and "Norton Toolbar" extensions added in the MS Edge.


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Re: How to let "IDSS" and "NTB" extensions added in the MS Edge

Hi cooperator,

I believe this is still the most current info in regards to using the Edge browser with Norton.:


On second thought - some additional info Tony Weiss passed on recently:

"Question: Is Microsoft Edge compatible with Norton Identity Safe?

Answer: Microsoft does not yet allow Norton and many other companies to provide extensions for the Edge browser. Norton is committed to supporting Edge, and in our labs we have new versions of our ID Safe and Norton Security extensions working with Edge. However, Microsoft does not yet allow broad support for developers to publish and maintain Edge extensions. As soon as Microsoft provides such support, we will be able to move forward in releasing Norton extensions for Edge.

Question: I saw that Microsoft released extension support on Edge with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Where are Norton’s extensions?

Answer: Microsoft partnered with a small group of developers to release extensions for Edge with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Microsoft’s decision to limit Edge extension partners is in no way reflective of Norton’s commitment or ability to develop extensions for Edge. At Norton, we are a strong believer in customer choice and are committed to supporting customers on their browser of choice. This includes Microsoft Edge, if and when Microsoft allows us to release our extensions. If you want to advocate for Norton support on Edge, please voice your opinion to Microsoft here: https://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/257854-microsoft-edge-developer/suggestions/15241830-at-least-allow-norton-extensions "

Hope this info explains things.

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