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How to remove NOBU if the uninstaller doesn't work

I posted a q yesterday Problems with NOBU on MacBook Yosemite which I followed up with a reply to mention a fix I'd stumbled upon on for the second problem I asked about, that on one of two MacBooks, attempting to add the Mac to the list of machines to back up leads to an endless cycle of being prompted to download the installer.  The fix was to run the uninstaller located in Library/Application Support/Norton Online Backup.

Now my other Mac has developed the same problem but running the uninstaller does nothing at all.  On the other Mac, the uninstaller removed whatever process displays the NOBU icon on the menu strip at the top of the screen.  On this one, it doesn't, and it doesn't seem to do anything at all.

So, how can I successfully remove NOBU if its uninstaller will not.  I know how to do the equivalent manually under windows but haven't a clue on the Mac.