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How to restore a deleted app that's been terminated by Norton?

Hello Norton Community. I recently downloaded a .ZIP file by the name of "SCP - Containment Breach v1.3.8.zip".  After I exported the file, I pressed the .exe file (the game) and it was deleted by Norton. When I asked to restore it, it took me to a "Security History" page on the Norton app, which was confusing when it doesn't usually go on that page. When I clicked on "More Options" it sent me to the "File Insight" page, and I was unable to click on the "Activity" page. I looked everywhere but there was no "restore" button anywhere on both pages. Can someone help me know how to turn off the automated "delete files that are harmful" mechanism or how to restore it from the "Security History" page. I exported the .ZIP and ran the game two times after and it kept sending me to the "Security History" page (because it automatically deletes harmful files without my consent). Thank you! BY THE WAY: I HAVE RESTORED FILES BEFORE BUT WERE NEVER SENT TO THE "SECURITY HISTORY" PAGE.



Re: How to restore a deleted app that's been terminated by Norton?

Can you click the "copy to clipboard" option on the file insight page and paste it here?

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