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How to schedule Norton to wake computer from sleep to perform full scan

There are other AV Solutions that have the ability to wake a computer from sleep to run a full system scan while the computer is not being used, but Norton Security still lacks that technology, so even if you schedule a full system scan to run overnight, it will not run unless you disable sleep or are using the computer, and because Norton also does not allow to a scan to be paused or the amount of CPU/Disk activity to be controlled, that is simply not acceptable.     

There are of course Windows API's that Norton could use to wake the computer and run the scan, but until Norton catches up, is there a way to create a scheduled task using Task Scheduler (yes it too can wake the computer from sleep) to schedule a full system scan via a command line that will also set the flag that a full scan has been performed, so Norton will not still run another full scan as a background task? 

My last full scan took 8+ hours to scan all the drives, so the other question is whether the system will go into sleep mode during the scan, or will Norton keep it awake?




Re: How to schedule Norton to wake computer from sleep to perform full scan

This might be a good suggestion for the Product Suggestions board https://community.norton.com/forums/product-suggestions

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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