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How secure is Norton Security?

I just checked my email, it was a message from Norton saying my Account under an old email was about to expire! had spoken to Norton Support about that account last year. I could not log in to it!   Norton Support  couldn't help me to log in and said I had to start a new account under a new email address. I was told not to worry, the account would just be disabled because of non use! They said the account could not be disabled! Now I find a charge on my credit card for the Norton account under that email address in the amount of $54.11 and an email telling me the same account was about to expire. What is going on at the Norton company? Are they being used by their own employees to scam the customers? I have been using Norton for decades! it is just in the past few years that I have been seeing problems. I just found out last month that their was three (3) "user accounts" on my computer that I had absolutely no knowledge of,  till I started checking on my own using "Utube" How to find out if my PC Windows 10 OS had been hacked!  

So "Symantec"  Norton users beware?  I don't think Norton software is as competent as it is made out to be.  I think they may have some smart People working on the inside that have found a way to make some extra money???  I'm just saying.

I also received a phone number from "Microsoft Support"  after the last "upgrade" 1709 I believe it was, when I lost lots of APPS and also the use of my printer. I called support several times for help to reinstall my printer, they couldn't help! HP couldn't help either!  finally I received a phone number from Microsoft support. they said to call this number for help with reinstalling my printer.  When I called, this guy told me to let him control my PC in order to help me.  He went through the exact same steps as another guy did several years ago when I paid several $hundred to fix my PC.  I cut him off right away, when he offered me the same deal!! My printer drivers still won't load and I still don't have printer, but at least I saved a few $hundred on PC maintenance.

I seriously believe that all Computer companies that are using overseas Tech. Support, need to really check out who they have working for them?  I'm not saying all the tech support people are crooks, I am saying that some of them need to be scrutinized to see what kind of work they are doing and have safeguards in place to protect the consumers! 

Just A word to the wise? BEWARE when dealing with tech. support. most of the first contact Support people don't know much if any more than I do myself. I am self taught.

Bye for now, happy computing! 



Re: How secure is Norton Security?

To get a refund for the expired account you need to contact support. I know you seem to say you do not trust any support, but that is the only way to get the refund and hopefully the tech you get can find a way to disable the product key that was just renewed for you.    www.norton.com/contactcs

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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