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How to select what is backed up

I am using Norton Security Premium with backup ( on a Windows 10 system, but am struggling to determine what is backed up.

  1. In the list of sources I see "My documents", C drive and D drive. I have set up My Documents to use the D drive. If I only check "My documents" then some files from C are collected (mainly appdata) but nothing from D where My Documents are stored. Windows is set up to look on D when anything is saved to My Documents. So what does "My documents" mean for Norton. The only way I can get it to work is specifically include the folder. But what is the purpose of selecting My Documents?
  2. I can select the types of files that are selected, such as Music, Video, Office, Mail etc. If I switch off Music why, when I look with Preview, do I get mp3 and wav files (as examples). These are configured as being Music, so if Music is switched off, why are they selected?  These file types are not included in other groups. I would in fact just like to be able to include all file types except the ones I deselect (from specific locations), but as far as I can see that is not easy.

Can anyone help me to understand how this works? If I look in the help files I just get a standard explanation written for a ten year old, explaining how I would expect it to work, but not how it works in reality.