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How to unblock a file that was "blocked"

I have a game installed that I'm sure isn't a bad trojan but it detects it as a trojan horse and it "blocks" it and I can't get it to stop blocking it ( reinstalling program ) and there's no option to unblock it.

I have gone to Search History, The program was present under "Resolved Security Risks".

Without this .exe i cannot run the game. There is no option to unblock it. I want it to get unblocked.



Re: How to unblock a file that was "blocked"

strange,i've had the same thing with games in the past and on mine there has always been a restore choice next to the option.

from the look of it what you will need to do is click on the "exclude this file" button in the third picture and then reinstall the game,run a scan of the file after and it shouldn't get removed this time.

just make sure the game is from a reputable source first.


Re: How to unblock a file that was "blocked"

Please review > How to report false positives.

How-To: Report a Suspected Erroneous Detection (False Positive)

For information regarding event > from Norton pop-up > View Details > Copy to Clipboard &or from Norton history > More Options > Copy to Clipboard > paste.

For second opinion choose File &or Search hash at VirusTotal.

Please review:

1) Restore an item from Quarantine

2) My Norton product alerts that the file I downloaded is not safe, and deletes it

3) My Norton product incorrectly alerts that a file is infected, or a program or website is suspicious

4) Add items to the Signature Exclusions

5) Turn off or turn on Download Intelligence

Restore & exclude this file: is not the same as adding item(s) to Exclude from Auto-Protect nor the same as Exclude from All Detections.



Re: How to unblock a file that was "blocked"

"Add items to the Signature Exclusions"

I would NOT recommend adding "Trojan.Gen" to the Signature Exclusions list as it will stop detecting all (this FP, and many non-FP) threats that match "Trojan.Gen".

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