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I keep getting a task bar window to clean my Hard Drive

Over the past month, I have been getting a window that pops up from the task bar to clean unwanted files, however there is nothing on this window that identifies it as from my Norton Security, so I want to confirm it is not some planted virus. I have attached a copy of this message.

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Re: I keep getting a task bar window to clean my Hard Drive

Hi, coastalguy. Not a Norton pop up. I would suggest running a full scan, and check if you have downloaded any software recently that may have had other stuff bundled with it.

If clean, it may also be worth running a scan with MalwareBytes Free edition, just as a second opinion.

https://www.malwarebytes.com/trial/  You can ignore the trial prompt if you wish, and just run a scan.

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Re: I keep getting a task bar window to clean my Hard Drive

Looking at the icon, I think this is part of EaseUS Partition Master. It has an option for hard drive cleanup. 

Hopefully in the software there is a way to stop it running automatically.


Re: I keep getting a task bar window to clean my Hard Drive

Part 1: Reproducing the Problem

"Cleanup and Optimization 300 MB junk files", right?!

Then, I got U!

That was an alert from EaseUS Partition Master Free.

II: Workarounds (3 options) & Solutions

1) unchecking the "Pop-up window" option in the Help menu.

(feel free to correct me...)

2) Disable that Free (THREE projects) from running w/ yr system by running MSCONFIG:

(Unknown vendor?! CHENDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd)

3) Uninstall that Free manually if you do not need that.

UPDATE: The traditional uninstall routine won't help fully UN-INSTALL that FREE suite (v11.0.0.0). See the remained items, EaseUS EMP tray & EaseUS Cleanup, in said Startup! Personally, this is the very reason why you are suffering from the pop-ups from EaseUs (Not that easy, right?). Moreover, MBAM won't be useful when it comes to such a giant 'good' program (202 MB) - Rid of MBAM for better computer performance, if U too got MBAM installed.

Or, you can make the best of this video guide? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIQNoEgu9vw

Proactive fixes: clean all of your undesired even unknown items from your computer. Beware of bloated installer files, such as Raptr, Skype for Windows, and alike.


War Thunder (removal guide, if you too accidentally installed it)...

As for "Norton Pop up messages" (or not), Plz review https://community.norton.com/en/comment/7040131#comment-7040131

Google is Google... LOL

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