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Kudos2 Stats

I want to continue to use Norton!

I do not feel safe using the safe online not even safe place to enter my bank. I think these safes should not be used to store passwords for banking sites.


I use Norton Internet Security for two years, but I never used the safe place to store my passwords bank. I used the safe to store the passwords for my e-mail and other accounts, but never banking sites.


It is easy to see: if a keylogger breaks my security system, has access to my working area. So it will work in the background and steal all my data stored in the safe. This may not be the way to work safely.


I use Bitdefender Internet Security to access my bank. Bitdefender protects your browser and adds a virtual keyboard to enter passwords. This is the only way in which I feel some security to enter my bank online.


Norton Internet Security is very good security system, but need to make some changes to provide security in online shopping. Norton should offer its users a system similar to the Kaspersky and Bitdefender: Isolate the browser and virtual keyboard.


I want to continue to use Norton, but now I have to have another security system for shopping online: BITDEFENDER!