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ID Safe Data Export Questions

The ability to export vault data was recently added to the Chrome extension, but only in plain text format. I don’t see an option to save the data directly to a file. It just displays all your data on the screen.  Are there any plans to enhance the extension with the ability to export to a CSV or encrypted DAT file? I know you can still do a file export using the Identity tab on the Norton Security main screen. My question is, will that continue to be supported in the future or is everything being moved to the new extensions?



Re: ID Safe Data Export Questions


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Re: ID Safe Data Export Questions

My understanding from the pinned threads at the top of the forum is that the latest browser extensions (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) represent the new Identity Safe design and the Identity Tab in the Norton Security interface is the previous design. Is my understanding correct? I ask because the ability to export data in file format (CSV and DAT) is only available in the Norton Security Interface. 

My questions are:

  1. Will the ability to import and export data in CSV and DAT file format be added to the new browser extensions?
  2. Is a DAT file still a reliable way to restore a vault for use in the new browser extensions, considering it must be done through the Norton Security Interface and not the import function in the browser extension itself?
  3. Going forward, will there still be an Identity tab in the Norton Security interface or will all the functions be moved to the new browser extensions?

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