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identity safe

using the main product from taskbar, when you click identity safe to open your passwords, a pop up appears to tell you to upgrade chrome. this after upgrading still keeps coming up every time. I've had a norton advisor spend an hour using my computer to fix this. No mattter what you do, reinstalling norton deleting chrome and reinstalling anew nothing works. Can you please help to stop this pop up from stopping access to my identity safe from the main norton product.



Re: identity safe

Are you referring to a Norton pop up to update your Norton protections for Chrome?

Usually after 3 or 4 time for the pop up, you should see a Do not ask me again link. When you see that, click it  and it should stop the messages.

Alternatively, click on the button to upgrade, and after you get the page for the different options available, you can just close that page and you should not be bothered again. Nothing will be changed unless you choose to do so.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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