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Identity Safe 2014.7.0.47 - Can't Upgrade or Uninstall

I have the standalone Norton Identity Safe version 2014.7.0.47 installed on my work laptop which is running Windows 8.1.1, Bit locker, Symanted Endpoint Protection and Sourcefire FireAmp Connector.  Has only recently been updated with the 8.1.1 update patch - last thursday.

I downloaded version 2014.7.6.15 and attempted to update to it earlier but got the error "A problem has occurred that needs your attention:  The install file cannot be properly validated.  Please click the link below for instructions on how to resolve this issue.  Go to Technical Support Web site" which takes me to the Norton Support at https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/norton-identity-safe/2014.7.0.47/solutions/kb20090319115044EN_EndUserProfile_en_us?build=CB3B94F6DA8C405EBFB591A303E0C348&ced=true&d=0&entsrc=CED_pubweb&error=2&f=6.3.9600.0.0.1&i=0&ispid=0&l=0&licType=Unknown&module=9999&o=20&src=_mi&t=12&u=00000000&upgrade=0&v=

So after clearing out my temp folder and redownloading again it still gives me the same error - even after rebooting, disabling SEP, running as Administrator and turning off Fast Reboot to ensure it's really doing a real reboot. 

Now even if I try and uninstall the current version through control panel/remove programs I am getting the same error.  So now I'm stuck and can't uninstall or upgrade the current version.

Any ideas anyone ?

Thanks halvey.



Re: Identity Safe 2014.7.0.47 - Can't Upgrade or Uninstall

Hi halvey,

I see you mentioned Symantec Endpoint Protection - you may be better off asking your question on the Endpoint Forum:


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