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Identity Safe and IE11

On one of my Windows 10 PCs Identity Safe will not fill in login information on a couple sites I use regularly in IE11, but ID Safe works fine on those same sites on my other Windows 10 PCs in the IE11 browser.

I assume this being caused by a setting in IE11. Does anyone have any idea what setting may be causing this?



Re: Identity Safe and IE11


If you have received the 22.7 Update, it has been pulled. Do both of your computers have the 22.7 update yet? Have your Windows Updates been done yet? There were updates for IE 11 also in Win 10. Both updates came out same day. I told Norton that's a bad idea, but they didn't listen then. It's hard to tell which caused issues when both came out same day or even same week. Sorry about your issues also. A lot of users are using Last Pass. Take a look around the Norton Forum. You will find threads or posts recommending different password managers that can be used temporarily and are free.


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Re: Identity Safe and IE11


Sorry I am late responding - but I must have missed this thread earlier amongst all the Safe Web threads.

Please be sure you have IE11 set as the default browser on the Win 10 system you are having problems with. This info should be helpful. 

Something else you may try - since you suspect an IE 11 setting is open both Win 10 systems side by side and compare all the settings on the "good Win 10" to the "bad Win 10" to see if there is any differences.

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