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Identity Safe and Microsoft Edge


I have just started using Edge Browser and have installed the IDS App which is all good 

Only issue i have is that every time i close the Edge browser i need to sign back into my vault again which is quite irritating.

Is there a way round this ? In IDS settings it says my browser is Microsoft Edge and has an orange Configure next to it .

If i click on Configure it just goes back to the page where you get the app.

Thank You 


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Re: Identity Safe and Microsoft Edge

There is no way around the login time out at this time. It is set up this way as a security feature, in case you leave your computer unattended, no one can just start up your browser and have access to all your logins.

The Configure issue is known to Norton. We believe it has something to do with the newer extensions not communicating correctly with your Norton security product. It does not affect the operation of the ID Safe extensions.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Identity Safe and Microsoft Edge

In Internet Explorer you can configure Identity Safe so that it doesn't require you to sign back in to the vault every time you close and reopen the browser. The fact that you don't have the same option in the Edge browser seems like a backward step to me and I'd like to be given the same choice in the Edge browser that I was given in Internet Explorer.

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