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Identity Safe can't differentiate fully qualified URLs

It appears that Norton Identity Safe cannot tell URLs apart from each other if they have the same root domain.  In my case, I'm trying to record credentials for two different online systems that share the same root domain "Oregon.gov".  Because my username is the same for both systems, even though the fully qualified URL is unique, I cannot add it to Identity Safe.  Other password managers don't have this limitation and it would be nice to see a fix. 

In this particular case, the "Login URL" is unique, the "Password" is unique, but the username is the same.  I should still be able to record both sites into Identity Safe.  Thanks for any suggestions.




Re: Identity Safe can't differentiate fully qualified URLs

I wanted to add that the way I'm working around this currently is to add a ".1" or ".2" at the end of the "Login URL" which tricks Identity Safe into letting me save the "Login". 

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