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Identity Safe in Chrome asking to update log-in which did not change

With Identity Safe limited operation in Chrome 65, when I copy and paste the username and password Identity Safe asks if I want to update log-in. I don't understand if I did not change the log-in information, why is Identity Safe asking to update. Also please fix the Vault to be able to sort by name, recently used, etc.



Re: Identity Safe in Chrome asking to update log-in which did not change

I'm having similar "issues" with the new online identity safe.  By default now, both Chrome and I believe Firefox, as well as Edge offer to save passwords.  Older users, like myself, get totally confused, especially if we used to have "Local" vaults.  Norton Identity Safe needs to have "browser awareness" and a way to test whether or not the user's browser is also set to remember passwords, alert them and resolve the "save in two places" confusion.  I just went through password management hell with Verizon over this very issue.

Their web site does not play nicely with anyone, and if there are three quick inadvertent errors detected, locks the user's account.  Try getting things right so that any one of three users on three separate computers can live with Norton.  Note: we had three users on our computers as a standard configuration since the days of XP.  The usernames could be "yours" "mine" and "ours".  This was before microsoft accounts even existed.  Norton, in the old days with local vaults "worked just fine" but the new functionality is a PITA!

"Retired Cybergeek"

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