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Identity Safe: entering new site password

For the past week when I am setting up a new login for a new site in my Identity Safe and I am entering the password, a white strip covers what I am typing. I have to complete the password, then holding the mouse key down highlight what I have just typed (although I cannot see what I typed), and click the "eye" icon to see if I typed the correct password. If I have made a mistake I have to count the number of characters from the right, backspace (now the white strip is blanking my password), guess where I am, backspace to delete, then retype from the incorrect character to the end, then go through the painful process of viewing and checking what I have typed. This is so cumbersome I wonder if some engineer is playing a practical joke on us. Even the support technician could not believe how cumbersome the process was. Before, we simply clicked the "eye" and started typing. We could see as we typed the new password if we made an error and correct it as we typed. This is particularly significant if one is using complex passwords such as those generated by Norton Password Generator. 



Re: Identity Safe: entering new site password

The label for your post notes IDSS. Do you also have a Norton Security product installed? If so, it also has ID Safe included, and having both installed at the same time can cause strange behavior as you are seeing.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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