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Identity Safe: The Login Field Needs a Text Entry

I'm a new user to Norton Identity Safe, and I currently use Steganos Password Manager.  The Identity Safe synch across devices is incredibly useful.  So far so good in my testing, but one major feature is lacking that I use extensively on my Steganos Password Manager- a text field in the login entry.  This is necessary to store additional information such as unique account information, the answers security questions, and old passwords used (to prevent reuse).     

Currently, the only text option appears to be the Note function, which requires creating and opening a separate item along with the Login.  Thus, I'd have to find and open two items for one website; this is really untenable and difficult to manage, maintain and use.

Combining a text field into the Login entries would definitely increase functionality.  I have text entries stored in most of my Steganos list, and I'd be unable to effectively transfer everything over to Identity Safe because of this reason. 

I've seen this request noted in several previous forum/community entries since 2016- is this being considered as an option? 

Thank you,  



Re: Identity Safe: The Login Field Needs a Text Entry

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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