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This forum thread needs a solution.

Identity safe login information accidentaly deleted

Hello, I'm not sure if this is where and how to submit a problem but hopefully I will just get redirected to where it is meant to be submitted if I'm wrong.

Basically, my dad was manipulating our vault, he says he changed the password and now when we log in we don't have access to any of our login details. We can save new details but the previous login details may have been deleted, I honestly don't know. I was wondering if there is anyway to restore lost vault details. We are using Norton 360.

Any help or answers would be appreciated





Re: Identity safe login information accidentaly deleted

Hi marlin633,

I will guess you are using an Online Vault and if the password was changed properly you should not lose your vault logins.  This is how to change the vault password

Now also if you select the three dots on the Norton Toolbar > select Open Identity Safe Settings > select the Import/Export Tab and look at the bottom of that page you'll see what I have circled.  If that is check marked, click on the Backups Folder and it will take you to the location of the backed up logins.  If they are there, you can select the Import button, and then select Import and it should open the location of the auto bu's and you can select the most recent (or the anyone of them you desire and your logins will be Imported.

If no Auto Backup is enabled and you have not manually exported them let us know and we'll try something else.

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Re: Identity safe login information accidentaly deleted

If the online Vault password reset is done then the data is lost, however you can check your Documents folder which has a folder starting with Idsafe. You might have old logins stored there in a dat file.

Re: Identity safe login information accidentaly deleted

Hi Vivek_Kalia,

There is a difference between changing you password and resetting your vault.

From the link I provided above regarding changing your vault password:

"You should change your Identity Safe password regularly to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information stored in Identity Safe. You can change the password from the Security tab in the Norton Identity Safe Settings window."

From this link:

You may need to reset your Identity Safe in the following occasions:

  • You experience a computer failure.
  • You forget your Identity Safe password.

If you forget your Identity Safe password, you cannot recover it. You can only reset your Identity Safe by deleting your Identity Safe vault and store all your data again.

If you enter an incorrect password for three times, Identity Safe provides you an option to delete your vault. If you delete the vault, you lose all the Identity Safe data that you stored, such as your login information, address, cards, and notes.

Depending on what the OP's father actually did will determine which case may apply.  The OP did state: "he changed the password" - thus the response I provided. 

I'm just trying to make it clear that it is in fact possible (and recommended) to change the vault password from time to time.

Basically, if you can log into your account, you can change the password and this will not affect your data, if you can not log in then you have to do the reset which will cause your data to be lost.


Re: Identity safe login information accidentaly deleted

Our Norton tool-bar on Google chrome was missing (I think due to an update with the browser) But now it is back up and the box is checked but I went to the folder and it was empty so I am unsure as to what happened there.

My dad thinks he may have some other ideas so I will let him write the message and future messages himself.

I seem to be running with two accounts.

I tried to purchase on line but my card details were declined but I seem to have been given a years subscription, I didn't get any email saying I had paid.  I'm not sure if someone else has purchased from one of the pcs covered.

I was then asked to run a error by Norton which seemed to wipe all of Norton off and I could not find how to get it back on.

So as I had not bought a years subscription I tried my card again and it was excepted with a new code.

Now i seem to be running 2 Norton simultaneously, I don't want to get rid of the first one just in case it messes everything up again.

Could you tell me if someone else has renewed and what i should do.


Re: Identity safe login information accidentaly deleted


Could you tell me if someone else has renewed and what i should do.

Chat with Norton Support  is your best resource and recourse regarding subscription matters.  Support hopefully has your info.  We don't...

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