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Identity Safe problem with Microsoft W10

I had the situation where, having attempted to log in to my Microsoft Account, I was informed that my Password was incorrect.

I then opted to create a new password using Identity Safe as usual. Having created a password I then attempted to change my password to the new one, only to be informed that the password which I was attempting to use had been used too many times before and the request to create another one. I tried this with different passwords of different lengths only to be met with the same message.

I then contacted Norton Support and the technician logged in to my PC and watched as I replicated the fault. He copied the on-screen message, as did I, and asked me to wait an hour before re-contacting support and trying again with Support again logged in to my PC.

This I did only to find that the System had created another Support Reference number and connected me to another, different technician. This one first off hadn't read the case notes from the previous session and didn't seem to understand what my problem was. I was asked to repeat the operation whilst Support was, ostensibly, watching. When that ended as the first had done, with the same result, I was then asked how I had input the Password, even although the technician was supposed to have been watching.

Having wasted enough time in what appeared to be a fruitless exercise, I said as much on the chat screen at which point I was summarily cut off.

Having had a think about the problem, I then tried again to change my password using an Identity Safe generated one. This time, instead of copying and pasting the new password into the field, I typed it in on both fields. This worked satisfactorily.

It is my assumption that Microsoft log in is no longer accepting Passwords which come in ern bloc as it were. Presumably to act as a filter for computer generated phishing attempts. Anyone with a better explanation, I should be pleased to hear it.

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Re: Identity Safe problem with Microsoft W10

Hello Brachy8. To be clear on things, when you said this: 

I had the situation where, having attempted to log in to my Microsoft Account, I was informed that my Password was incorrect

This is telling us that you attempted to use IDS to auto-fill and auto log into your Microsoft account at which time you were giving the statement that your password is incorrect. I have to ask, since you are on Windows 10 the same password used to log into your Windows account should be the same as your MS account credentials. That is, IF you are using your MS account to login AND you are an admin on the system. The only way to change your MS account login is through their website systems. Changing or creation of a new password through IDS will not change the login pw for your MS account. Are you absolutely sure you were not directed to a fake MS website?


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