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Identity Safe on two computers

I inadvertently added my Norton Identity Safe to my wifes new computer. How do I remove it without destroying all of my own passwords and sign on information in the safe? I wish to add an identity safe of her own to her computer. Any suggestions as to how I may accomplish these two tasks? Thanks.           



Re: Identity Safe on two computers

Hi Jim Culbertson,

First thing I would suggest is to Export your ID Safe Data to a USB Drive  in both .csv and .dat format as a precaution.

Assuming you are talking about an Online Vault,  you will have to create a new Norton Account with her email address and password.  Once that is created, you she can start building her own password data base.

I am not sure on yours, as I do believe since your vault is also on her system, you would have to enter an  incorrect password (using a different incorrect password each time) in order to delete that vault from her system (and would also delete it from yours).  Once that Vault is deleted, you could go to your system and Create a new Vault using the original Norton Account email and password you had and then you could Import the password data you had Exported before.

There may be some other ideas floating around, so you may want to see if you get anymore responses, but that is the way I would go about.

If you go this route and need info as to where the settings are or how to do it, please let us know which Norton Product you are using so we can provide info for your product.


Re: Identity Safe on two computers

Thanks Yank,

I believe that I have solved the problem simply by signing out of Identity Safe on her computer, I then signed in with her email address and set up a new Identity Safe with a new password. My Identity Safe with all of its sign-ins and passwords is still intact. Since I had to cancel Norton 360 on her computer to allow me to set it up on her new computer, since I only had three installs, I was unable to salvage all of her site identities and passwords. I believe that your suggestion of exporting her safe data to a USB drive before I cancelled her old machine, I would have been able to preserve all of her earlier data. She will now have to re-populate the safe as she goes about her daily visits to her favorite sites.

Thanks for your response and attention to my dilemma.



Re: Identity Safe on two computers

Good news - an even simpler solution than I suggested for your vault on her system.  I always suggest and Export as a precautionary measure, although cloud vaults will Export your data automatically in C:\Users\User name\Documents\Norton Identity Safe Backups\Norton Account email address

Please see the following KB for more information:


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