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Identity Safe Vault

I have used Norton for years, and I have an Identity Safe vault already set up that ran under the older Firefox.  Then Firefox did updates and my vault no longer worked.  Recently, my Norton product keeps telling me to set up the vault.  I have tried following all the steps Norton shows to do the set up,  but I can not get it to work.  I've tried exporting my vault to a save file and then importing it to the newer Identity safe but it keeps telling me no vault found.  My old vault keeps popping up, but Norton keeps telling me "no vault found".  How do I either import my old vault files to a new one, or completely delete my old vault and start all over?  I am running the latest Firefox and my vault is local on my computer, not on the cloud.




Re: Identity Safe Vault

Me too. Also is grayed out and unavailable in chrome now. Please fix this in both browsers as well as add in MS Edge.  


Re: Identity Safe Vault


We can not add the ID Safe into Edge until Microsoft gives Symantec permission to do so. They have to allow the extensions first. Another thing is that the Local Vault will only work if you installed your Norton product on top of the older Norton product that used the Local Vault. If you start over with the Vault, you will end up with one in the Cloud and you can't import your information from local vault to cloud vault.

If you had a local vault and want to get it back, there is a way to do it. You have to follow the directions from the customer "elsewhere". Please follow the directions very carefully from this link:



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Re: Identity Safe Vault

I am running the latest Firefox and my vault is local on my computer, not on the cloud.

The latest FF ID Safe extension only works with an online vault. If you have been able to access a vault from FF, then you do have an online vault.

If you want to reset your online vault to start over, see the information here.  One extra note here is that you may have to enter 3 different incorrect passwords to initiate the vault reset.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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