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This forum thread needs a solution.

IdentitySafe Chrome Local & WebVault problem

I have bought a new computer with identitysafe on it.
I use three different browsers to logically segment logins, because I manage the household computers.

Edge, Chrome, Firefox.

I have no problems with Edge and Firefox using IdentitySafe - they ask for the WebVault password and it works.

But IdentitySafe run from the computer (local Vault) fails to connect to the service.

And Chrome Norton Identity Safe button (version 1.0.5) does not connect to the WebVault
- It goes to Chrome webstore, telling me its installed.

Instead, I have to actually login to identitysafe.norton.com and launch logins straight from there - I had assumed that the Norton Identity Safe Button should perform this task, like Chrome and Edge.

a) Should I uninstall the local version of IdentitySafe ? 
b) Should I uninstall all chrome extensions, and reinstall - do they rely on the local Vault, or just the WebVault ?

c) What happens to my WebVault if I do so ?

d) Should I then reinstall IdentitySafe local version, and will it sync with the WebVault ?

e) Should the local version have the same password as the WebVault ?



Re: IdentitySafe Chrome Local & WebVault problem

But IdentitySafe run from the computer (local Vault) fails to connect to the service.

If in fact you do have a local vault, it would not connect to any service. The local and cloud vaults are not connected in any way. 

Now if you do have both local and cloud vaults, as some of us here still do, and want to log into the cloud vault, when you go to log into your vault, look for a link on the login page to Log into Cloud Vault. Click that and then you should be asked for the online vault credentials.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: IdentitySafe Chrome Local & WebVault problem

The local vault is on the 8 year old computer.  I did not convert it to cloud. Instead, I installed N360 on the new computer, and downloaded identity safe from Norton. Perhaps the current Identity Safe is only web-based ? and Local is no longer an option ?

Your information means that the Current Vault is not setup. (the failure is because it hasn't validated "something" that is required. I know this because:  

In Chrome., clicking on "Access Vault" simply provides   a window "Get Started" so I click "Sign In",
and then a new window opens. "cannot connect to the Norton Server" (and underneath it,  "An unexpected browser error has occurred" )

This same thing occurs if I open IdentitySafe from the desktop.

Regardless, if I open Chrome and logon to Norton, I can log into my WebVault.  But the "Norton Identity Safe" icon on the Chrome toolbar fails to work as it does in Firefox and Edge.

Is it possible that the IdentitySafe program that was installed but never setup, should be uninstalled so that the Chrome extensions work properly ? Or rather, do Chrome extensions require the IdentitySafe Program run from a local disk drive?

Thanks for your reply.


Re: IdentitySafe Chrome Local & WebVault problem

The newer computer's Norton installation would only have a cloud vault, as for about 5 years now, any new Norton installation will not create a local vault. If you would like to have a local vault on the new computer, there is a way to do it. As long as you have had a local vault at some time it is possible to regain it if you have been converted to the online vault. Check the information gathered by user elsewhere in this thread.   https://community.norton.com/en/forums/retaining-your-local-vault

Just be aware that if you do the above, you will still not be able to use that vault in FF or Edge.

The vault in Chrome does work differently than the newer extensions in FF and Edge. The Chrome vault is connected to your Norton security product, 360???. The Edge and FF extensions are totally separate from the original ID Safe functions in Norton products. They all access the same cloud vault, but that is the only connection. 

In Chrome, the little ID Safe icon is more like a Settings button. To open the vault you click on the Vault is closed button on the Norton Toolbar. Just like you do in IE and you used to do in FF.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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