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IE IS issues after yesterday's Update Problems

Like many [all?] users, I experienced repeated IE 11 crashes last evening and spent hours trying to address it before finally realizing it was a NS issue caused by a faulty update. Well, during the interim, I downloaded the free Identity Safe so that I could log on to various sites  [that was after uninstalling Norton Security]. After learning it was safe to reinstall NS, I did so and there were NO logins available. So, I imported them --- from where I do not know ... I guess Norton's cloud. Now, I am faced with a situation where only some of the passwords actually work on IE ... all seem OK on Firefox?


Norton Security 2015 has caused me much grief --- including the slow reboots -- only 805 more days left to endure this. Very disappointed in the product so far. I hope a major update is on the near horizon.

Meanwhile, what to do?

Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center 64 bit - fully updated -- Norton Security



Re: IE IS issues after yesterday's Update Problems

Hi richfed,

Please have a look in Control Panel > Programs and Features and see if there is a  separate listing for Norton Identity Safe (in addition to your Norton Security entry).  If there is uninstall the ID Safe entry and reboot.  See if that makes any difference.

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