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If I Already Have Norton Premium Security, Then Why?

If I Already Have Norton Premium Security, Then Why add LifeLock?

Even at five bucks a month, it seems superfluous, as I have been assured that everything will be monitored and the bad stuff will not get past my Norton Security.  (If this is not the case, then why say so in the first place?)

I'm not all that naive.  Honest. I really would like an honest answer, OK?

thanks and my regards,




Re: If I Already Have Norton Premium Security, Then Why?

1) Do you want credit report monitoring.
Credit report monitoring or company tracking is the monitoring of one's credit history in order to detect any suspicious activity or changes. Companies offer such service on a subscription basis, typically granting regular access to one's credit history, alerts of critical changes to one's credit history, and additional services. Credit monitoring can help detect credit related fraud and identity theft.

2) Do you want Stolen Funds & Personal Expense insurance.
Service Guarantee
If you become a victim of identity theft while a LifeLock member, we will provide the necessary lawyers and experts if needed to help resolve your case.

Stolen Funds Reimbursement
If your money is stolen due to ID theft, we will reimburse up to the amount provided by your plan.

Personal Expense Compensation
If you incur costs for documents, travel, lost wages and more due to identity theft, we will compensate you for up to the amount provided by your plan.


LifeLock and Norton are working together to provide a comprehensive digital safety platform to help protect your devices and your identity.  LifeLock offers a comprehensive suite of identity protection features that are an important part of digital safety.
If your identity is compromised, a restoration specialist is there to help you.  If you would like to learn more about how LifeLock can help protect you.

For assistance with any LifeLock ® Identity Theft Protection services, please visit www.lifelock.com, or call 1-855-993-1976


Re: If I Already Have Norton Premium Security, Then Why?

Norton is security software for your computer.  If someone hacks into Equifax, gets your personal information, and sells that information to criminals who use it to open credit accounts or loans in your name, how is software on your computer ever going to know, let alone be able to do anything about it?  Your computer isn't the thing that got hacked.  You are confusing Norton's Anti-phishing and Identity Safe password manager features, which help to keep you from inadvertently disclosing your personal information to untrusted websites with credit monitoring, which alerts you if someone has stolen your identity.


Re: If I Already Have Norton Premium Security, Then Why?

  • Norton Security provides comprehensive coverage to help secure your devices against a variety of potential cyber-attacks. But identity theft doesn't only happen online, or on your devices. It could happen when you give your credit card to a waiter at the neighborhood restaurant. It could happen if someone steals your mail. It could happen in form of medical ID theft in which all your data at your physician's computer is stolen.

    LifeLock Identity Theft Protection leverages proprietary technology that scans millions of transactions every second looking for threats to your identity. You will be alerted if your data is found suspiciously used. And in case you have been a victim of identity theft, LifeLock provides U.S. based restoration specialists dedicated to your case from start to finish. The Service Guarantee provides for lawyers and experts if needed, to help resolve your case, as well as reimbursement for stolen funds up to the limit of your LifeLock membership.

    If you have additional questions about LifeLock products or services, please call LifeLock directly at 1-800-575-0392 or www.lifelock.com.


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