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I'm a happy camper.......

I just had to share my experience with moving from Norton360 to Norton Security today.  A few days ago I purchased the Norton Security key code from Amazon.com and after reading some of the comments in the reviews I became concerned about having a problem with the install or update -- I honestly don't know what to call it.  Quite a few people said it was very confusing and complicated.   Anyhow, I joined this forum and posted yesterday asking for advice.  Within 1/2 hour I had my first response.   Ultimately  two members, yank and floplot,  jumped in to help answer my questions and allay my concerns.  After several posts back and forth I felt I was ready.  So this afternoon, I took a deep breath and started the process.  I was so pleasantly surprised when roughly 1/2 hour later I had all 3 of my devices running Norton Security without a hiccup.  I really must wonder about the problems mentioned by reviewers on Amazon.  Cconfusing?? -- not a bit, complicated?? -- not even close.  To me this is truly a testament to how much Norton has honed their product and support.  I could not have asked for a smoother process and now I'm all smiles and not worrying knowing that I'm protected from all those nasties "out there". 

Thanks Norton for hosting this most helpful forum and for designing the installation to be so easy and seamless.   Also, thanks again yank,  floplot, and Krusty13 for your help. 



Re: I'm a happy camper.......


Thanks for the kind words and we are pleased we could assist you.

We really like it when a plan comes together and another user "enjoys he thrill of victory".

I agree Norton has come a long way from the days of it's products being CPU hogs (prior to 2009 version) and it seems to become lighter each year. t

The implementation of the NRnRT and the "over the top" installation makes the job of a reinstall or an upgrade pretty easy and straight forward.

Glad you had a positive experience and you know where to find us if the need arises in the future.

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