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Im tired but i need the AV

Im the only one i have more knowledge about pc's in my family so i want a good AV so i have the NS for 5 devices but all the problems i have with the AV come from norton and im thinking just use the windows defender in pc and use the NS on celphones only. Never have problem with virus on the pcs but im not in the same city where the other pcs are locete so i can't know if the other pcs is running safe because the page of norton say all device are protected. I have 5 years autorenewal my norton product yes i pay the full price not like others users here do, still have 90 days of subcription so hope no more mistakes from norton or i will have to look for other AV.



Re: Im tired but i need the AV

Wow!  Those are 3 of the longest run-on sentences I have ever seen.  All I can say to you is "okay".